World's first universal EV charger payment service

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EuronPay makes it possible
to use a single RFID tag
at any charging station worldwide.

Using blockchain and web3 technology, EuronPay enables all charging providers to participate in EuronPay blockchain network and receive payments instanly without third-party bank involved. EuronPay is proud to be the first blockchain-base fintech solution that brings real-life benefits of blockchain to the world.

EuronPay is based on NEAR blockchain, which provides a permanent, neutral, universal blockchain platform. Thanks to its smart contract, EuronPay implements a payment gateway on the chain, independent on any service provider. This brings clarity, trust for charging service providers and immutable charging transaction history for end users.

EuronPay's serverless mobile application allows users to keep their data privately on the phone. No more worry of server data breach or personal credit card information leaked.

EuronPay mobile app is coming soon.

Download EuronPay from app store.

Download EuronPay from app store.